ingrown toenail brace Australia
ingrown toenail brace Australia
brace to fix ingrown toenails

My Ingrown Toenail Brace is a logical, well thought out solution to this worldwide problem. This hideous scourge on society is affecting over 10% of the population and is placing an unnecessary burden on all Health Systems.

  • In 2012 the U.S. National Foot Health Assessment found that 18% or 40 million adults had experienced ingrown toenails.
  • The number of Australian Podiatrists has doubled in 20 years.

Study these photographs and use them as your reference point.
My 65yo friend’s before and after photos clearly show the inevitable outcome (after 2 hours) and she did it herself with one of my prototypes.

cure ingrown toenail brace

My invention is based on the principle that if you place a softened, thinner toenail in a vice for 30 minutes, then it must dry in its new straightened position.

  • This is a simple fact of basic physics and can’t be denied.
  • Therefore, it is impossible for this not to work.
  • Yes, my invention is the logical solution.
  • If the toenail can grow (and they all do), then we can fix it.
  • It is user friendly (one size fits all) and foolproof.
  • Foolproof means exactly that. It will work every time.
  • There can be no other result and it does last. Even with bad nails, an annual treatment will keep the problem in check.
  • A one-time treatment may be enough for some.
  • Being a similar size and shape to nail clippers, anyone who can use them can surely use this spring-loaded toenail brace.
  • I can envisage this brace will be commonplace in many homes and will be the go-to tool for toenail problems in the future.


Over the years there have been a multitude of inventions purporting to alleviate the problem of ingrown toenails, but the problem seems to be getting worse.

Take the Makizume Robo as an example of what’s on the market. Their video clearly shows that it does not work, yet reportedly that company sold more than 340,000 units @ up to $300 each.

  • Those figures show that people will try anything to fix this problem. People are still looking for some relief, no matter how small.
  • Other systems are no better and at best, these gadgets only marginally improve the condition.
  • The problem is still there and ongoing.
  • On the other hand, my Ingrown Toenail Brace is the real deal. It will work every time. Problem solved!
  • Compare my photos to the Makizume Robo. It looks like that product needs my brace to finish the job and straighten the toenail properly.
  • Even pliers produce a much better result than those gadgets.
  • There is no opposition!


Follow the path as previously shown.

  • File the toenail to half (50%) its thickness.
  • Soak the foot (toes) in warm water (30 mins) to soften.
  • Clean the toenail in preparation for the brace.

If you have prepared the toenail properly (length, uniform thickness etc.), my Ingrown Toenail Brace will give you the smooth and speedy result that’s expected.

Pry one corner out and slip the brace on. It will sit up and dry in its newly raised position. If needed, repeat for the other side. It too will dry in a better raised position. The final goal is to have the brace fully encompass the whole toenail, allowing it to completely dry (30 mins) in its new straightened position.

Heredity does play a role and there will always be a natural curve to the toenail, but the nail will hold its new shape for several months and an annual treatment will keep the problem in check for those who need it.

Yes, the treatment does take a couple of hours, but the results are well worth it. This full treatment is a one-off procedure, because the toenails will never get into that poor state again. Any future treatments should be straightforward and can actually be quite pleasurable. An annual treatment works wonders.


This is your area of expertise, but I do know one thing. Once the word gets out, everybody will want one. People will warm to the simple, logical solution and will readily jump at the chance to fix the problem.

Whatever size you think the market is, you can double that number. Many others will want this product too, simply because they want nicer looking toenails. It may well be that the aesthetic results of the brace will be the true heart of the business.

  • You will be able to set the price to suit your business model.
  • Whatever you outlay in setting up for this project, you will recoup tenfold within the first year of production.


The Therapeutic Goods Administration shouldn’t pose a problem because (a), the brace is not medicinal and (b), it is non intrusive. That being the case, the TGA should follow manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Supplying the demand will be a nice problem to live with.
  • There doesn’t seem to be any negatives.


Because other clamps don’t work, this brace was designed specifically to straighten wayward toenails. As with all well executed tasks, preparation is the key to that success. After doing all the hard work (preparation), there had to be a better option other than to hold the pliers on my toenail for 30 minutes. I actually straightened my toenails with two pieces of shaped metal, held together with a small nut and bolt. This performed as expected and led to my lightbulb moment.

The secret to my invention is in the concave working edge which fits all sizes and is user friendly. My Ingrown Toenail Brace isn’t just the finishing touch needed for a more pleasurable and speedy outcome. It is the ultimate solution.

It seems too good to be true, but it is. There are no flaws with the product or the process. Honesty and integrity are lost in business these days, but this product will stand the test of time because it’s foolproof!

  • The facts are there for all to see and the benefits are obvious.
  • If the toenail can grow (and they all do), then we can fix it.
  • You set the price to suit your business model.
  • Whatever you outlay in setting up for this project, you will recoup tenfold within the first year of production.

Make no mistake, if nobody capitalises on the security of my intellectual property rights, this invention will be lost forever. In any case, I believe that I have completed my Mission. The people now have a path to the solution, if they care enough to help themselves. They will just have to work a bit harder.

The fact is that I am looking for a strong partner to take up the reins and bring this worthy project to fruition.

Best regards,
Peter Crawford.