My Mission is to eradicate this silent scourge from our society once and for all. If the toenail can grow (and they all do), then there is no reason it can’t be fixed. There is one clear path to the solution and it is really quite easy to follow.

If you suffer from ingrown toenails you are not alone. Although our situations may differ, we all have one thing in common. We will have to fix the problem ourselves because present treatments are not working. There is no magic wand!

Well, I’m here to tell you that mediocrity (ifs, buts and/or maybes), snake oil and repeat business that doesn’t work is not acceptable any more. This is the 21st century!

I was advised to have my ingrown toenails surgically removed. When they grew back exactly the same, it became evident that I would have to fix them myself. My Ingrown Toenail Brace is the final piece to the solution and there are no flaws with the product or the process that I will take you through.

I am more than happy to share my research because this solution should be readily available to everyone. This information is free and only needs you to be kind to yourself. When you follow my path, you will see that my methodology is sound and truly is a positive course of action. Our feet do some serious miles and should be given much more consideration. You wouldn’t drive your car on bad tires would you? Nobody should have to suffer this affliction any longer.

  • You may not even need my brace, but more to the point, you will now have the opportunity to deal with this problem yourself and in your own time.
  • My spring-loaded Ingrown Toenail Brace is only the finishing touch needed for a more pleasurable and speedy outcome.
ingrown toenail brace Australia
ingrown toenail brace Australia
brace to fix ingrown toenails

INGROWN TOENAILS (and the solution)

Ingrown toenails are a problem only because people haven’t been shown how to maintain their toenails properly. It has been a taboo subject for far too long because people don’t want to admit to the problem or talk about it. They use keratin enriched products to strengthen their hair and nails, but then forget about any maintenance for their toenails. There is nothing appealing about thick toenails. Basically, the toenail gains its strength through its thickness and this dictates the growing pattern.

  • This power can easily be taken away, simply by filing down the hard outer shell of the nail (50%) and making it more pliable. Make a start today. Don’t be shy, this needs to be done. People need to take ownership and be in control of their own predicament. If you want something done properly, you do it yourself. Yes, you can do this!
  • The toenail needs to be at a workable length and a uniform thickness to realign it properly. If the toenail is too thick in places, it will more likely split at that point rather than bend to the shape you want. A thinner nail will bend into shape and will not split. Get this part right and you’re on track for a favourable outcome.
  • Soak the foot (toes) in warm water for 30 minutes to soften. When softened, the toenail becomes more flexible and can be easily manipulated. Yes, those tough toenails will bend quite easily when they are softened and 50% thinner. Only you can make this happen, so take the time to pamper your feet for a change.
  • Scrape out any excess keratin build-up from underneath the toenail. That’s really the heart of the problem because this build-up helps to fuel those thick nails. This is only good for wild animals on the prowl. Ingrown toenails need extra attention and should always be kept lean and clean for their best maintenance.
  • Long-nosed pliers are best used for bending the toenail with no fuss. Now you can relieve the pressure at that problem spot. You are in control now! Pry one corner out and check the status of the toenail. The nail will bend back quite easily and will open out for you. If the outer edge is too far gone and can’t be saved, then cut out that dead wood. It’s that rigid curl that we must get rid of. The toenail needs to splay outwards to be realigned properly.

Now that you have prepared the toenail properly, you must understand the proper process for keeping your toenails well maintained. You have relieved the pressure at that problem spot, but now you have to straighten that wayward toenail.

Starting with one corner at a time, the final goal is to have the brace fully encompass the whole nail, allowing it to completely dry (30 mins) in its new straightened position. Unfortunately, the brace is not available yet. For now you will have to slip a cotton bud (or similar) under the nail, allowing it to dry in a much better raised position. Those pliers will always work to your best advantage. They will allow you to position the toenail properly. How you hold that position is your choice.

  • Don’t shoot the messenger, that’s the best I can do for now.

Good Luck!


Lack of funds denies me the chance to take my project any further at this time. I consider this platform the best way to table my invention for any interested parties. Where’s the Shark Tank when you need them? Why are these (so-called) entrepreneurs not contactable? It’s not good business if nobody can contact you.

I am looking for a strong partner to help me bring this project to fruition. My design has been certified in Australia and has been registered with the European Union (25 years), and the United States (patented).